Vault as a Service

Stay Secure. Focus on managing secrets, not managing Vault.

Fully-managed Vault service

Vault cluster in minutes

Install a production-ready Hashicorp Vault cluster in minutes in our cloud. We've built a service that meets all of the requirements from the official Hashicorp production hardening checklist.

Reduce Costs & Save Time

Optimize your Ops time while reducing costs. All plans include 100% free maintenance operations, such as Vault version upgrades, OS patching, log auditing, monitoring and custom alerts.

Exceptional Support

We provide 24/7 support. We've been providing the service for years and have extensive experience deploying and maintaining Vault.

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SaaS-managed Vault solution

Effortless Vault Operations

Perfectly configured and optimized Vault cluster ready in 2 minutes. Rockos automates every part of setup and running of Vault clusters. All plans include Auto-Unseal feature by utilizing the AWS KMS.

Secure by Design

All traffic is always TLS encrypted in transit to Vault. Every Vault replica is run in a completely isolated inaccessible environment. We continously monitor and upgrade infrastructure dependencies.

Zero Operations Cost

All of your maintenance operations are automatically handled for you, including Vault upgrades and OS patching.

Rockos Vault Features

Backup & Restore

Zero-risk to lose your data with automated backups which are stored in a cloud file storage so that they are always accessible to you. Restore your data at any point of time.

High Availability

Avoid cluster downtime by using industry standard high availability (HA) frameworks. Your Vault environment can tolerate local failures across one or more availability zones.

Audit Logs & Metrics Console

All plans include collecting Vault's audit logs and metrics. Access your cluster information anytime in a friendly Rockos Web Console.

Auto Scaling

Enhanced robustness of your secrets store. We ensure that your cluster is provided with extra resources on the high load.

Firewall support

Maintain full control over who is allowed to access your Vault clusters through firewalls.


friendly, expert and timely support.
Support is one of the most important things for the Rockos team. All our plans include 24/7 email access to our team of experts.


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